Vera Devenish
Vere Devenish
Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: Unknown
Family & Friends
Friends: Rufus Zeno

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. (formerly)

Enemies: Victor Rodenmaar Jr. (currently)
Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: Season 2
Series Information

Vera Devenish is a secondary antagonist of Season 2.


Vera Devenish is the second housemother at Anubis House, who replaces Trudy Rehmann, when Trudy is fired and gets a job at the Treasures of Egypt exhibit. She was working with The Collector (Rufus Zeno). During her time at Anubis House, Vera spied on Victor, as well as on the members of Sibuna, worked her way into Victor's favor, and challenged Trudy to a bake off and cheated her way into winning by buying the cake, which Ms Andrews found the reciept for and began to suspect her. Fans popularly believed she was The Collector, however, many others believed she just worked for him.

She is a liar, and no one knows the truth about Vera Devenish or her shadowy past. She blackmails many people, including Jasper. She threatened Mara as in the photo beside this text. In House of Heists/House of Alibis Vera steals the Ox Bell from the exibit at first Trudy thought Fabian stole it but now she knows it was Vera because she leaves a scrap of her Fushcia sweater by accident and Trudy discovers it, she then puts the ox bell on Fabian's bed.

In House of Duplicates/House of Hauntings it is revealed that she is not the Collector, as she is seen with the Collector when talking to Jasper. Rufus told Vera if she doesn't find the mask she would be killed. In the Season 2 finale, she was told to stay outside the Libary. She most likely saw the whole event and fled after Rufus' demise.