The Sleeper




Imprisoned by Anubis in Tank


Robert Frobisher-Smythe

 The Sleeper is a mysterious man in a tank. He was introduced with no identity or dialouge. He turned out to be Robert Frobisher-Smythe and was reawakened evil. Evil Robert then became a secondary antagonist and attempted to bring Ammut, the main antagonist, into the mortal world.


The Sleeper is a mysterious man in a tank. He was originally introduced with no identity and had no dialogue. However, when he was awakened, he was evil and became an antagonist.

Pre-Season 3Edit

The Sleeper apparently turned out to be Robert Frobisher-Smythe. He was cursed for taking the wrap for th expedition members who broke into a tomb. He was then cursed and was given a Keeper, Seeker, and Great Enabler.


The Tank Room with The Sleeper

Season 3Edit

The Sleeper is now in Caroline Denby's gatehouse, where he is in his tank. KT and Eddie, being suspicious, looked around and discovered him. After that, Sibuna is reformed, meaning Fabian and Patricia see the room as well. Sibuna moved him from the gatehouse to the cyrpt, however Caroline discovers him in the cyrpt and takes him back. He was awakened by Caroline, Mr. Sweet, Victor, with the descendants who were forced to be in this (Patricia, Joy, Alfie and Jerome). The episode ends with Robert awakening, but as evil. The tank is then no longer seen.