The Gatehouse

First Appearance

House Of Arrivals

Final Appearance

House Of Heroes


Geography Teacher

Caroline Denby

Robert-Frobisher Smythe

Harriet Denby

Ammut the eater of souls


Tank Room

The Gatehouse

The gatehouse is girst seen in season 1 itcontains the tank of Robert frobisher smythes and is also the address of Miss Caroline/Harriet denby


The Cellar is mainly used to get into the gatehouse for sibuna. It has a secret garden hatch on the side which sibuna uses to get in and out of the gatehouse. Amber was the first to discover it.

First Floor

This is where the entrance to the gatehouse is. It has a small room with a kitchen and a sitting room.

Second Floor

The Second Floor is a bedroom floor along with a milion other rooms. The only rooms we know about on this floor are the bug room. The Living Room and Secret Cupboard.

Third Floor (TANK ROOM!!!!)

The third floor is a room with a tank and 5 surronding sarcophigis. It is first used to store the tank of robert frobisher smythe but then it is converted into his study. He also uses it to store 5 sinners in sarcophagus. Ammut the eater of souls flying there till she got send back to the underworld and took Caroline with her. The Staff of Osiris was needed for the rising of Ammut the eater of souls


When sibuna was wondering how to move the tank alfie hit a button on the wall and revealed an elevator.


The Five Sinners are (order)

Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

Patricia Williamson

Eric Sweet

Fabian Rutter

Alfie Lewis

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