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The Cup of Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian artifact. It was one of the main mysteries of House of Anubis in Season 1 and also the Great Treasure Sarah talked about.


The Cup of Ankh is an Egyptian artifact  in the first season of house of anubis. There were exactly 7 pieces scattered around the house. The Chosen One with the locket assembles the cup together. Victor and his secret society were after it, and Rufus Zeno was crazy to find it first, in able to live forever. However, Sibuna got to it first, until Rufus ordered them to give it, they tricked him, gave the bag to Joy before that, the secret society comes back and makes Joy do the ceremony, ceremony fails, Sibuna comes in, and it turns out Nina is the chosen one, she assembles the cup, and Rufus comes in. He drinks the cup and says he'll be immortal and that Alfie will die, but it turns out that it didn't even have the elixer inside, so Rufus's plan was foiled. The cup was stolen from Tutankhamuns tomb in 1922 and smuggled back to England in pieces. Only the chosen one can assamble the cup by saying the words "With the Circle of Light, I seal the Circle of Life"

Hidden SpotsEdit

Hexagon Piece-The Panel In The Attic

The Handles-Victors Office/The Staircase

The Bar-The secret cupboard in the entrance hall.

The Demisphere-The Chandelier in the entrance hall.

The Ring Of Fire-The Cellar

End Piece-Corbierre