The Amulets

The Amulets are similar to seven keys to the tunnels. There is an Ibis, Spider, Camel, Lion, Falcon, Crocodile and the never before seen Snake (never found), one for each amulet. They were discovered or made by Robert Frobisher-Smythe. In order to pass the Beacon at the beginning of the tunnels without being blinded, you had to wear an amulet. Also, to pass the 6th task, you have to put the correct amulet (Ibis) into the wall. When Patricia lost her amulet she wore the Ibis and got blinded. Sibuna thought it was just because it was never used but, in reality, it was because Victor found it and switched it with a fake.

Amulet Owners

My house of anubis amulets

My house of anubis amulets