The AntechamberEdit

When Nina and Amber find a victorian lock nina enters 1890 the secret code and enters with amber and fabian. The door then shuts on them and fabian presses a doorbell and it opens.

The BookshelfEdit

When amber pulled one of the books it turned into a doorway and a light blinded amber. Nina and Fabian guess it can be the amulets that stops the light.

The First Clue (The Triangle)Edit

Fabian and Nina find robert frobisher smythe books and spell his name then they find a cube and the doll house cracks and makes a triangle so nina breaks the cube and fixes it into a triangle. They put the triangle into the hole leading them to the tunnel number 2 the tunnel of sobek

The Tunnel Of SobekEdit

Sibuna must complete a deadly hopscotch in order to get further in the tunnels. The animals were.

Cow Sheep Dog Ibis Cat.


The Third ClueEdit

The sibuna must make a bridge with a crocodile and croos it. But pendelums start things get hectic this is around the time victor find the antechamber. The sibunas complete a bug tunnel and a door opens leading them to tunnel number 3 the tunnel of neith.

The Tunnel Of NeithEdit

The Sibunas must complete a spiderweb test lay a spiders daughter on the hooks and put the big spider into the hole. The door opens leading them to tunnel number 4 the tunnel of sekhmet


The Chamber Of SekhmetEdit

SIBUNA must mix 6 right chemicals to blow up the next door leading them to the song of hathor task.

The Chamber Of HathorEdit

SIBUNA must play the song of hathor to open the next door to the chamber of horus.

The Chamber Of HorusEdit

SIBUNA must place 6 falcon reflectors on the stands to create a falcon to open the door to the chamber of anubis.

The Chamber Of AnubisEdit

Sibuna must play a deadly game of senet if one is to land on a danger square they will fall through the floor to a room that they cant escape till they finish the game of senet.

The Secret DoorEdit

On the right of the chamber of horus there is a spot where you must place victors amulet in that hole opening a tunnel leading to the library

The ChoiceEdit

Joy and Fabian must select one key the mask of anubis or fallen friends. They choose falling friends and find a spare key in the tunnels.

The Mask Of AnubisEdit

The Mask Of Anubis is at the end of the tunnels. The one in the tunnels is a fake and the real one is hidden in the Frobisher Library.


Amulets Relation To The Tasks

Snake Amulet-The Antechamber

Victors Amulet-The Bookcase

Crocodile-The Hopscotch and Pendelum

Spider-The Spider Web Task

Lion-The Alchemy Task

Camel-The Song Of Hathor

Falcon-The Reflector Task

No Amulet represents the Final Task.