Sun and Moon Key
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The moon goes over the sun just like an eclipse

Moon Key Owner

KT Rush

Robert-Frobisher Smythe


Sun Key Owner

Harriet Denby

Caroline Denby



The Tank Room

The Frobisher Crypt

Can Be Used On

The Staff Of Osiris

Can be used for

Sending ammut back to where she came from.

Protecting yourself from the curse to make you a sinner.

The Keys StoryEdit

Ammut had walked the earth before. But the egyptians had a way to control it they made a key in two halves a sun and a moon the sun would protect you against ammut but together they would send her away. When Eddie and KT destroyed the staff of osiris the keys blew up with it and were never seen again. 

The Moon KeyEdit

The moon key was given to KT from her grandfather when he heard she was going to Anubis House. He said it is up to her to stop the great evil. Eddie holds the key now and again. They have now asked willow to hold on to it because they wond suspect her on having it.

The Sun KeyEdit

The Sun Key was stolen from harriet denby by her Sister Caroline. With the sun and moon key together they can turn over each other and also send ammut back to where she came from. Ammut came from the dead and R.F.S Well kinda loved her. so he wants to get her back and give her souls and the sibuna get put under a spell and the spell casts them to give there souls.


They may have been taken from the tomb in 1922 but frobisher.