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Season 1
Season Season 11
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Airdate Janaury 1st 2011
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
Cast Nathalia Ramos

Brad Kavanagh

Jade Ramsey

Ana Mulvoy Ten

Bobby Lockwood

Tasie Dhanraj

Eugene Simon

Alex Sawyer

Klariza Clayton

Episode Guide
Season 2

Season 1 of House of Anubis is the first season of the show. It originally aired in USA on Janurary 1st, 2011 and on UK on Feburary 25, 2011. It is a hit TV show and it is praised with many fans. It was so popular that they made a second season.

Season 1

The first season of House of Anubis surrounds Nina Martin and the rest of the Anubis Residents facing drama and mystery. She and a group named Sibuna search for a treasure hidden deep in Anubis House. However, new people get involved and discovered while there is also another mystery. And what happened to Joy?


  • House of Secrets/House of Attitude/House of the Black Bird/House of Dares/House of Lies
  • House Of Locks/House Of Eyes
  • House Of Agendas/House Of Keys
  • House Of Discovery/House Of Hyper
  • House Of Cheats/House Of Rumors
  • House Of Intruders/House Of Proof
  • House Of Confrontation/House Of Alarms
  • House Of Flames/House Of Passages
  • House Of Kidnap/House Of Cat-Nap
  • House Of Cameras/House Of Numbers
  • House Of Scares/House Of Fakers
  • House Of Identity/House Of Emergency
  • House Of Reunion/House Of Memories
  • House Of Drama/House Of Codes
  • House Of Risks/House Of Thiefs
  • House Of Hazard/House Of Charades
  • House Of Rendezvous/House Of Rescue
  • House Of Arrest/House Of Hoax
  • House Of Time/House Of Aliens
  • House Of Masks/House Of Pursuit
  • House Of Yesterday/House Of Victory
  • House Of Bribes/House Of Venom
  • House Of Stars/House Of Harsh
  • House Of Lights/House Of Alliegence
  • House Of Pests/House Of Betrayal
  • House Of Reservation/House Of Heavy
  • House Of Hush/House Of Spies/House Of Sting/House Of Never/House Of Forever

Theme Song

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This version of its counterparts is the only one to not feature the main character (Nina) singing the opening theme.

Klariza Clayton had not been seen into the middle of the season, since her debut.

It is the first season of the series.