Patricia Williamson
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Patricia's appearances throughout the show's run
Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Aliases: Sibuna
Family & Friends
Family: Piper Williamson
Friends: Nina Martin

Amber Millington
Joy Mercer
Fabian Rutter
Jerome Clarke
Mick Campbell
Willow Jenks
Alfie Lewis
KT Rush

Relationships: Eddie Miller (Boyfriend)
Pet(s): Sniffles (imaginary dog)
Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: Seasons 1-3
Series Information
First Appearance: House of Secrets
Last Appearance: The Touchstone of Ra
Portrayed By: Jade Ramsey
Counterparts: Patricia Soeters

Luzy Schopper

"Rufus is a fruit loop!"
    —Patricia Williamson

This article is about the real Patricia, not the siner version. For the sinner Patricia, please click here.

Patricia Williamson is a major protagonist of House of Anubis, who has appeared in all 190 episodes and the movie, being the only female to do so.


In Season 1,  Patricia was an ordinary girl with her two best friends, Joy and Fabian. One day, Joy is called outside of the class and suddenly disappears, with Nina, a new girl, to take her place. Patricia accuses Nina for Joy's sudden disappearance, although it was really just a coincident that Nina came at that specific time. After many failed attempts to find Joy, even to dump water on Nina, Patricia meets a strange man in the woods someday in class, and later finds him. He claims to be able to find her, as he is a private investagator. Unknown to Patricia, this man is not a private investagator, and that his name is Rufus. He tricks Patricia to give him Nina's locket. Although not questioning why he'd need Nina's locket, Patricia gives it to him anyway. After eventually reliazing what she has done, she immediately takes it back. She also joins Sibuna in the process, and she makes up with Nina, now acknowedling the fact that Nina's sudden appearence and Joy's disappearence was a mere coincidince. In the end, Sibuna, along with Patricia, solve the mystery and foil Rufus' plan for good.

In Season 2, Patricia had her best friend Joy back. However, when she got caught up in the mystery for the Mask of Anubis, they didn't spend much time together. Soon, new bad boy Eddie came to the school and he and Patricia had a love/hate relationship. She was cursed with the Mark of Anubis and she was also hexed once. She was muted. This caused trouble in Eddie and Patricia's relationship.


Nina Martin-Friends/Ex-Roommates/Sibuna

Amber Millington-Friends/Sibuna

Mara Jaffray-Roommates

Fabian Rutter-Sibuna/Friends

Eddie Miller-Boyfriend/Sibuna/Friends

Alfie Lewis-Friends/Sibuna

KT Rush-Sibuna/Friends


Patricia and Jerome Clarke are the only 2 characters to have 3 opening photos after Amber's departure in Season 3.

However, Patricia moved around in terms of spots in the opening farther. She was third in appearence in the first two seasons. In the third she went to Jerome's original spot then to Mara's original spot.

Patricia also has a twin sister, Piper Williamson who appeared in a few episodes in Season 2, and made a cameo in Season 3.

She has thrown a liquid at all the newcomers to House of Anubis.

Season 1 : Dumps water on Nina  (and later Amber)

Season 2 : Pours milk on Eddie

Season 3 : Throws orange juice at KT, and later dumps juice on Willow (evil Patricia)

She also tried to throw orange juice to one of the newest residents at Anubis House, but KT stopped her before she did.

She was the third sinner, the sinner of wrath (Anger.)

Patricia is the only female to be in every episode of every season. This is due to Nina leaving after the events of Season 2, Amber leaving after the first quarter of the third season and KT appearing in the third season and movie. However, Patricia hasn't talked in every episode due to Senkhara's curse.