Keddie (K/T and Eddie) is the friendship/romantic pairing of KT Rush and Eddie Miller. They both met when Eddie opened the door on her and she fell and then Eddie reconigzed her and almost immediately became friends. This is partially due to the fact that Eddie had visions about her before she came and approached her about it quickly. At first, KT thought he was a bit strange ("You're the girl from my dreams" does sound like an awkward pick up line...) but she eventually warmed up to him and shared her grandfather's mystery. Eddie attempts to help her 'stop the great evil' her grandfather mentioned. They are currently investigating with Sibuna. This pairing may not happen romantically due to KT not having a boyfriend in this season. The promo for the week of 3/11/13 said there will be a love triangle between Eddie/Patricia/KT. It is shown in the promo that Patricia will become jealous of them, hinting they might become involved romantically. KT has expressed multiple times that she has no romantic interest in Eddie. Then it was confirmed that KT would not get a boyfriend, by Alexandra Shipp, and that Peddie got back together, meaning Keddie will not happen.

KT with Eddie snooping around the Gatehouse.