House of Trickery/House of Unity
Season 3, Episode 9-10
Airdate January 24th 2013
Full Episode House of Trickery/House of Unity
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House of Trickery

Amber is caught and pretends to be brainwashed by the tank. The Sibunas tell mr millington that amber is missing just as mr sweet tells him she is at the gatehouse. Miss Denby calls victor and victor suspects she took the braclet. Victor threatents to exspell the sibunas and eddie and kt if she doesnt give them the braclet. Amber gives them the braclet. They take her to mr sweets office and the sibunas eavesdrop and suspect amber has betrayed them.

House of Unity

The Sibunas, Eddie and KT get a message saying meet me in the school. She then tells them what she heard in the tank room. She demands sibuna is reformed with fabian as leader. Fabian refuses and said eddie is the osirion and that he should be the leader. Amber tells them her work is done and leaves for fashion school. The sibunas meet in the attic with the real braclet as victor has a fake one. They go to the gatehouse and alfie and patricia fake alfie hurting his foot. Eddie, KT and Fabian sneak into the tank room and kt pushes fabian and knock over the tank. Will the tank break or will eddie catch it find out in the next episode.


  • Burkely Duffield as Eddie Miller
  • Brad Kavanagh as Fabian Rutter
  • Jade Ramsey as Patricia Williamson
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten as Amber Millington 
  • Tasie Lawrence as Mara Jaffray
  • Eugene Simon as Jerome Clarke
  • Alex Sawyer as Alfie Lewis
  • Klariza Clayton as Joy Mercer
  • Alexandra Shipp as KT Rush
  • Louisa Conolly-Burnham as Willow Jenks
  • Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr.
  • Paul Anthony-Barber as Eric Sweet
  • Susy Kane as Caroline Denby