House of Kidnap/ House of Cat-nap
Season 1, Episode 20-21
Airdate January 18, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Tom Poole
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Amber and Nina find a black cat which has escaped from the cellar. Amber takes the day off school to look after it but it disappears while she's asleep. Patricia persuades Nina to go and meet Rufus to show him the pendant but when they get to the meeting place they witness Victor kidnapping an apparently unconscious Rufus, which makes them suspicious. The gang lets Patricia in on the secret, and debates the possibility that Victor might be drinking an elixir of life. They decide to use the school play to try and expose Victor. After finding evidence of sinister experiments in the cellar, they turn to Trudy for help; she forces Victor to open the cellar only to reveal that he has moved everything. To the gang's horror, Victor fires Trudy on the spot.