House Of Eclipse
Season 3, Episode 20
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Airdate March 7th 2013
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House of Eclipse

The remaining sibunas attempt to capture the adults but fail. Joy understands the real reason why they are performing the ceremony. When they prepare the ceremony, they decendants attempt to leave, but Victor comes and forces them. They start the ceremony but the sibunas cant enter becuase the code has been changed. Eddie holds KT's key and has a vision of the code 1922 the year Robert was cursed. Mara and Willow argue before the eclipse. Eddie and KT go upstairs to the ceremony room, but Fabian stays downstairs for Eddie's plan. Because everyone is blindfolded they dont know Eddie took the braclet out. Eddie throws it down the elevator and Fabian gets it just before the eclipse ends. Jerome deletes the emails for Mara and Willow from their email accounts and phones. The episode ends with frobisher waking up, however, we don't know if he's good or evil (at that time.)