House of Confrontation/House of Alarms
Season 1, Episode 16-17
Airdate January 13, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Tom Poole
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House of Proof
House of Flames


Patricia meets her "ghost" again in the woods, but this time they talk and he tells her he is Rufus Zeno and is actually a private investigator. He also says he'll help her find Joy. Mick rudely breaks up with Amber after she skips too many dates for Sibuna. Mr. Winkler's investigations lead him to a meeting with Victor and he emerges a changed man. After Alfie and Jerome record over the Dictaphone, the gang goes back to the attic to re-record the cylinders, where Amber seems to accidentally solve the first puzzle piece riddle. Patricia meets with Rufus in the woods to discuss his plans for finding Joy - she must look out for the Eye of Horus (Nina's locket.) The gang manages to pick up the next puzzle piece when the midday sun reflects through a chandelier in the hallway of Anubis House and reveals a secret panel in the wall. Mick apologizes for being so rude to Amber but doesn't attempt to get back together with her. Sibuna listens to more recordings and hear a voice which is unmistakably similar to Victor's.