House of Close Calls
Season 3, Episode 16
Airdate February 28th 2013
Full Episode House Of Anticipation/House Of Close Calls
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House Of Anticipation
House Of Hustle

House Of Close Calls

The Sibunas fails to wake Frobisher for some reason they dont know about. They are STUCK IN THE CRYPT with the adults on their backs. Joy granted a special wish for willow to let her move in to anubis house with mara as her roomate. Patrica rings the fire alarm while the adults are at the crypt. When they are in anubis house alfie bumps patricia and she drops kts key and victor confiscates it. Jerome doesnt approve as willow and mara being roomates. Victor mistakes kts key for miss denbys and she gets angry at him. Miss denby pulls her key out and puts in beneath kts. They need to perform the ceremony during the eclipse.