House of Cheats/House of Rumors
Season 1, Episode 12-13
Airdate January 11, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Tom Poole
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House of Hyper
House of Intruders


Mara cheats on Mick's french test for him which Jerome observes and uses it in order to blackmail her into doing chores for him and Alfie. Nina and Fabian sneak back into the attic to listen to the cylinders, but it makes a loud screeching sound, and they need to leave the attic.. At the same time, Alfie and Jerome attempt to prankPatricia by "calling to Joy". The prank didn't work, but the three were still frightened by the scream from the cylinders. The next day, Patricia sees someone hanging around on the school grounds, and gets freaked out, thinking it's a ghost. She confides in her Drama teacher, Mr. Winkler, who says he'll help her find out what happened to Joy. Amber catches Nina with the puzzle piece and forces her to tell all about the quest for Sarah's treasure. That night, Nina, Fabian and Amber sneak into the attic and listen to some of the old cylinders which contain the voice of a frightened little girl.