House Of Winning
Season 3, Episode 29
Anubis House
Airdate March 25th 2013
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House Of Winning

Fabian saves eddie from getting killed. They findout victor has booby trapped the secret room. They try to fool proof the booby trap but it chops the broom. Anubis House vs Isis House, Hathor House and Mut House in a dodgeball tournament. Harriet escapes the gatehouse and goes to anubis house. She locks KT in the dirty clothes room. KT finds another way into the secret room by prying up floorboards. MUT House beat Anubis House into the finals until it is announced that one student isnt in that house. Anubis House beat isis house with the help of Fabian. KT falls through the floor into the secret room. Miss Denby is on the search for Harriet.