House Of Tombs
Season 3, Episode 13
Airdate February 25th 2013
Full Episode House Of Tombs/House Of Smuggling
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House Of Entrapment/House Of Sisters
House Of Smuggling

House Of Tombs

Caroline walks into harriets room and nearly looks under the bed but harriet wakes up screaming. Miss Denby leaves but harriet wont go with eddie. The sibunas go back to the antechamber. Miss Denby and team evil listen to the cylinders and think they have the riddle. Miss Denby suggests they practice their ceremony on corbierre. The sibunas go through the doorway and it leads to frobishers crypt. The Sibunas are TRAPPED in the crypt. But alfie unlocks the door for them. The sibunas have a meeting fabian and kt found out the ceremony words. Jesse Em Potem. Which means rise in peace. The Sibunas go to get harriet but she is gone. Miss Denby Victor and Mr Sweet do their ceremony. But miss denby sees the braclet has made in china on it and Victor has been tricked.