House Of Suprise
Season 3, Episode 28
Airdate March 21st 2013
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House Of Suprise

Victor discovers the secret room. He asks frobisher what it is. He says it was a room for if he turned evil. He says there is a booby trap in the antechamber that he can install that can kill people victor says he will install it. Miss denby continues to get eddie and patricia to break up. Jerome asks joy out on a date but she says she cant because she is dog sitting for mara while she visits her parents who are in town. Patricia and Eddie have a picnic after school and they get back together. Everyone in anubis house except patricia and fabian are in the dodgeball tournament. Patricia doesnt want to do it and fabian is horrible at it. Victor installs the booby trap and tests it with a book with chops it in half. The sibunas go to remove the bricks but when eddie goes through patricia screams and the booby trap almost kills eddie. Harriet escapes the gatehouse.