House Of Smuggling
Season 3, Episode 14
Airdate January 26th 2013
Full Episode House Of Tombs/House Of Smuggling
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House Of Tombs
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House Of Smuggling

Harriet has gone out with a family member. A letter has been given to the sibunas saying they can perform the ceremony themselves. Mr Sweet recruits joy to help with the school open day. Mara and Willow are both performing for Jerome. Eddie goes to the school at night while they are on lockdown and hides the braclet under the frobisher shield. But mr sweet sees and asks what is under there but eddie lies and says it is his birthday present. Eddie doesnt hide the braclet there. Patricia works at the open day so the teachers arent suspicious. The sibunas go to the gatehouse. When they are figuring out to move the tank alfie pushes a button and an elevator is REVEALED. They move the tank downstairs and start wheeling it out to the crypt. Trudy comes to them and asks what is under it and then she says. "Eddie now i am suspicious" then she says "You are not going anywhere until you tell me what is under here" and the episode ends