House Of Setup
Season 3, Episode 18
Airdate March 5th 2013
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House Of Setup

Victor breaks into the students lockers to search for the braclet. After overhearing a conversation Mr Sweet learns that eddie has the braclet. Mr Sweet comes up with a plan to get the braclet. He sends KT to get things off the stage. Miss Denby asks to use her phone and sends eddie a text saying help. Eddie asks to go close his locker mr sweet says yes but to leave his jacket. Mr Sweet dismisses class early and steals the braclet. Miss Denby sets up an eclipse project with mr sweet to get help with the ceremony. Eddie breaks into Mr Sweets office and steals Joy, Jerome, Alife and Patricias files and learns that they are descendents of Robert Frobisher-Smythe. Miss denby lies to those 4 students and tell them their flunking and to come to the gatehouse for an extra credit project. TO PERFORM THE CEREMONY. The sibunas rush to tell them but it is too late.