House Of History
Season 3, Episode 19
House of Anubis S03 E19 TVRip x264 UNPOPULAR s
Airdate March 6th 2013
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House Of History

KT, Eddie and Fabian go to the antechamber to find more clues. They find a video about frobisher getting cursed. Joy, Jerome, Patricia and Alfie are trapped in the gatehouse. The others must get them out. Miss Denby tricks everyone into thinking they are performing a ceremony on a grandfather clock. The remaining sibunas come up with a plan to stop the adults. Fabian locks victor in the boys bathroom. But he escapes. Eddie is lied to about mr sweet following him in an ambulance and KT tries to lock caroline in the cellar but the opossite happens. Joy finds out about jeromes two timing and sends an email to mara and willow.