House of Heroes
Season 3, Episode 40
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Airdate April 11, 2013
Full Episode House of Ammut/House of Heroes
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House of Ammut
The Touchstone of Ra

House of Heroes is the final episode of Season 3 in House of Anubis.


Willow is turned into a sinner by Caroline Denby. She is revealed to not have the key. KT is realized to not be a sinner, because Harriet slipped the key into KT from Willow. KT is angry at Harriet because she thought that Willow didn't deserve to become a sinner. Eddie states that they must go back. The students are all becoming sinners as Ammut has given Robert a book. KT, Eddie, and Harriet return to the Gatehouse. Caroline is asking Ammut if she can rule with her. KT and Eddie then realize the true purpose of the moon key.They then use it and Caroline is devoured by Ammut before Ammut disappears. Willow and Alfie get back together and Jerome and Joy get Mara's blessing. It ends with Peddie kissing and the Sibuna sign. Fabian and Mara have feelings for each other.