House Of Hello/House Of Dolls
Season 2, Episode 1-2
Airdate January 9th 2013
Full Episode House Of Hello/House Of Dolls
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House Of Forever
House Of Spirits/House Of Blackmail
The students return and have a midnight feast in the attic.

House of Hello

Fabian, Patricia, Mick, Amber and Mara walk in the door to Anubis house and say hello to trudy. Nina pays the taxi driver and says thanks and walks to see jerome hiding behind a car. Jerome jumps over the fence and alife comes out of nowhere. Amber then tells nina that there is a midnight feast in the attic and to pass it on to fabian and patricia. They go up to the attic and they all leave when Victor tells them too. Nina hides the cup and victor comes in straight after.

House of Dolls

Victor makes Nina go downstairs after she breaks a doll. Victor pulls a string and it plays a message. Nina and Fabian go to the frobisher library and Victor catches them.

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