House Of Entrapment/House Of Sisters
Season 3, Episode 11-12
Airdate February 7th 2013
Full Episode House Of Entrapment/House Of Sisters
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House Of Entrapment

The Tank Nearly falls over but eddie catches it. The sibunas return home and fabian says the identity of the tank man is robert frobisher smythe. Everyone denies him and go to bed. The sibunas visit the mental hospital and meet Harriet Denby the real identity of harriet denby and that her sisters name (the teacher) is Caroline. The sibunas go to the tunnels. When they are searching they find two books one with frobishers crypt and one about ceremonies. Miss Denby, Mr Sweet and Victor come to the antechamber. Eddie says alfie through the vent and alfie screams thinking there are zombies. Miss Denby and the other two go upstairs and alfie squirts them. Eddie takes miss denbys bag and goes around on the bookshelf he grabs a mirror and holds it up against his face to prevent him from getting blind.

House Of Sisters

Eddie sucessfully stops himself from getting blind. He turns the bookshelf around so the teachers dont know he is in the tunnels. He leaves miss denbys bag on the pedestool. He explores the tunnels and finds a door for kts key. He doesnt have it so he just leaves. Just as the teachers leave the antechamber he comes around on the brick wall of the bookcase. He leaves the antechamber. He visits harriet and miss denby comes to see her. He ends up hiding under her bed and miss denby starts searching the episode ends with a cliffhanger.