House Of Deceptions
Season 3, Episode 25
House of Anubis S03 E25 TVRip x264 UNPOPULAR s
Airdate March 18 2013
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House Of Deceptions

Frobisher turns victor evil and holds his soul in a sarcophigi. He tells victor to get 4 more sinners. Victor returns to anubis house and starts saying things to eddie to make him angry but it doesnt work as willow ruins it with her ceremony. The sibunas are in the kitchen and find a clue. Victor sees them. Patricia asks eddie to meet in the living room. Victor steals patricias phone and texts eddie to meet her in the crypt. To hit 2 birds in one stone patricia will be upset and eddie will be angry. When eddie gets to the crypt he puts his phone on the tomb. But miss denby steals it and locks him in the tomb.