House Of Cunning
Season 3, Episode 33
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Airdate April 1 2013
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House Of Cunning

Patricia drags KT into Harriet's room but her and Harriet escape from Patricia. They decide to go hide in the secret room. KT leaves and tries to warn the others but they don't believe her. Meanwhile, Patricia starts acting rude towards Willow. KT tells everyone where Harriet is hiding, so Patricia calls Miss Denby and tells her where she is. They decide to call the mental hospital and bring her back there. Meanwhile, the Sibunas lock KT in her room and hide her key under the mat. Willow walks by the next day and rescues KT. The Sibunas find the phonograph completely fixed. Meanwhile, the descendeds lead the Sibunas to the next clue. They find a hidden artifact. Eddie catches Patricia talking to Victor.