House Of Arrivals/House Of Presents
Season 3, Episode 1-2
Airdate Janurary 3rd 2013 (America)
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Everyone is back but when some shocking news comes that nina isnt coming back fabian is hysterical. He wont stop until he finds out what happened to Nina. Eddie is looking for the letter from nina and sees a vision of Kt and her grandfather. Willow is saying she will be taking ninas bed but mara denied and said she will. Victor comes out of the cellar as soon as the students did the sibuna symbol. They all have special treets from trudy. The anubis house kids meet KT Rush and eddie recalls seeing her from his vision. A new teacher Miss Denby has moved into the gatehouse with a mysterious tank man. Miss Denby has the other half of the key which is the sun.

Jerome and Mara hide all of Amber's birthday presents so they can throw a suprise party. KT has moved into Mara's old room. Willow keeps saying that she is taking Nina's bed and her and Mara argue until Trudy denies it and tells Willow to go back to her house. The party is a sucess. Fabian trys to hurt Eddie because he won't tell him what happened to Nina. Eddie gives him a letter. Eddie leaves the room and touches KT's key and has a vision of a room he is trapped in. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.


  • Burkely Duffield as Eddie Miller
  • Brad Kavanagh as Fabian Rutter
  • Jade Ramsey as Patricia Williamson
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten as Amber Millington 
  • Tasie Lawrence as Mara Jaffray
  • Eugene Simon as Jerome Clarke
  • Alex Sawyer as Alfie Lewis
  • Klariza Clayton as Joy Mercer
  • Alexandra Shipp as KT Rush
  • Louisa Conolly-Burnham as Willow Jenks
  • Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr.
  • Paul Anthony-Barber as Eric Sweet
  • Susy Kane as Caroline Denby


  • This was the first appearance of KT Rush Willow Jenks Robert Frobisher Smythe (new) and Harriet Denby.
  • This marks the appearance of the new theme song.
  • This was also the first time we never see Nina. However, she is mentioned in the beginning
  • This was the first time in the third season we do not see or mention Mick.