Fabian Rutter
Fabian large
Fabian in the opening credits.
Basic Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Sibuna
Family & Friends
Friends: Nina Martin

Amber Millington
Joy Mercer
Patricia Williamson
Jerome Clarke
Mick Campbell
Willow Jenks
Alfie Lewis
KT Rush
Mara Jaffray
Eddie Miller

Relationships: Nina Martin (Ex-girlfriend)
Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: Seasons 1-3
Series Information
First Appearance: House of Secrets
Last Appearance: The Touchstone of Ra
Portrayed By: Brad Kavanagh
Counterparts: Daniel Gutenberg

Fabian Ruttenberg

    —Fabian's first angry sentence to Eddie

Fabian Rutter is a main character and main deuteragonist of House of Anubis in Season 1 and Season 2, but just stays a main character in Season 3. 


In Season 1, Fabian Rutter is one of eight students that lives at Anubis House. He is roommates with Mick Campbell and is close friends with Nina Martin. He always defend Nina when Patricia was harassing her. Fabian was one of the members in Sibuna. He helped Nina wherever she needs help, especially with the mystery puzzles in Anubis House. He seems to have a crush with Nina too, it's just that he never confront his feeling to anyone. His uncle, Ade gave him a book called "unlocking the eye" to help him solve the mystery. At the end, he and Nina share their first kiss at a prom, and he was chosen to be the king by Amber Millington. 

In Season 2, between hunting for clues for the next big mystery, school work and juggling relationship problems, poor Fabian's got his hands quite full. Last year, he was the lovable nerd, but this year, he has two girls pining for his attention. Who will win Fabian's heart? Will it be clever Nina or Joy, an old friend with a big crush.

In Season 3, Fabian is heartbroken when Nina doesn't arrive. He is voted to be the leader of Sibuna but declines. However, he still helps and is the one who mostly solves the puzzles and is able to save Sibuna many times. Near the middle, Fabian is captured by Robert Frobisher-Smythe and is turned into a sinner. However, he is turned back to normal in House Of Heroes. He is then seen flirting with Mara. It is possible they may be together. He kisses Mara in the Touchstone of Ra.


Nina Martin

(Ex-girlfriend, Sibuna)

Amber Millington

(Friends and Sibuna)

Alfie Lewis

Patricia Williamson

(Friends and Sibuna)

Eddie Miller

(Friends and Sibuna)

Mick Campbell

(Friends and ex-roommates)


  • Fabian and Patricia are the only characters of House of Anubis to appear in all of the episodes and the movie.
  • Fabian is the only male character to appear in all of the episodes and the movie.
  • Fabian is the second member of Sibuna.
  • Fabian is one of the three founding members of Sibuna.