Eddie Miller
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eddies opening pictures
Basic Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Green
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Sibuna
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Sweet
Friends: Patricia Williamson

Mara Jaffray
Fabian Rutter
Alfie Lewis
Jerome Clarke
Nina Martin (Her Osirion)
Amber Millington
Joy Mercer
KT Rush
Benji Reed

Relationships: Patricia Williamson (Girlfriend)
Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: Seasons 2-3
Series Information
Portrayed By: Burkely Duffield
Counterparts: Benny/Max


"I knew you'd fall for me."
    —Eddie to Patricia

Eddie Miller is a main character of House of Anubis and became main protagonist in Season 3.


In Season 2, Eddie Miller came as a new student. He was American and flirted with a lot of girls. He flirted a lot with Nina and Patricia the most. However, soon he only flirted with Patricia and even danced with her. He even opened up to her first and said that they should date. They eventually date but soon Eddie and Patricia face problems when Patricia is hexed and muted. They even have problems in their relationship when Patricia spends too much time with Sibuna and without Eddie. However, Eddie has once been used by Sibuna, although blindfolded, to help with a task in the tunnels. He then follows Patricia and Alfie when they are going to save Jerome.

In the season 2 finale, He says that he thought she was seeing someone else and began to hear voices. He then rushes to the library and helps Nina and gives her the Frobisher Gem. He also then banishes Senkhara and saves Nina.

In Season 3, Eddie returns with shocking news for Fabian -- a letter from Nina. He seems to have also broken up with Patricia during summer. They get back together back in the season later.


Nina Martin-Sibuna/Friends/Chosen One

Fabian Rutter-Roommates/Friends/Sibuna

Alfie Lewis-Sibuna

Amber Millington-Sibuna

Joy Mercer-Sibuna

KT Rush-Sibuna

Patricia Williamson-Dating/Friends/Sibuna


Eddie and Nina are the only ones to have been the leaders of Sibuna, due to being The Chosen One and the Osirian.

Currently, he has appeared twice in the opening credits, similar to Nina, Mick, and KT.

Eddie loses his Osirian powers from stopping the Pyramid of Ra from being built, in the Touchstone of Ra.