They knew of usa.eddie always presumed to see on your escuela.Segun ben was to win the ball game ben prisionero.Al apparently starting to feel feelings for patricia and that's going to bring more problems with eddie.

House of enemies/House of surprise

The first day of benji calls eddie milly.                                                                                                               Benji eddie asks is this (referring to patricia).                                                                                                   Eddie tells Ben that her friend Patricia is not his girlfriend.                                                                                   Ben likes patricia and eddie is very jealous of that comment.                                                                                 Patricia he dropped his books and the help ben.                                                                                                   Eddie located patricia helping benji and is very annoying.                                                                                             Ben tells him that she is a great athlete and that is supportive and tells Eddie that she is not isis house.                        Eddie tells alfie that guy who hates (referring to ben).

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