Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Aliases: The Devourer
Family & Friends
Family: None
Friends: Evil Robert
Enemies: Sibuna

KT Rush

Eddie Miller

Other Information
Interests: Devouring souls
Season(s) Appeared in: Season 3: The Reawakening
Series Information
First Appearance: House Of Ammut
Last Appearance: House Of Heroes
Portrayed By: Felicity Gilbert

Ammut is a main antagonist, later revealed as the true antagonist, of Season 3 of House Of Anubis. She is also named the "Devourer of Souls" by the Egyptians.


In Season 3, Ammut is wanting to be awakened into the mortal word by an evil Robert. He made Caroline steal a Book of Incantations from Victor and also had to capture five sinners to bring Ammut into the mortal world. 

The first sinner is Victor himself. He is captured by Robert when he revealed his greed. The second sinner was Patricia and it is unknown who was able to capture her but most likely Miss Denby. The third sinner was Eric who was captured by Caroline and Victor. The fourth sinner was Fabian who was captured by Robert. The final sinner was Alfie who was captured by Robert and Caroline.

Robert and the five sinners, along with Caroline, performed a ceremony with the The Staff of Osiris when Eddie and KT brought it.

Ammut was finally brought into the mortal world by Robert but wasn't strong enough to have a human body and needed more souls. She gave Robert a book which turned anybody into a sinner, unless they possessed the key. This caused Ammut to become stronger. Caroline offered to help Ammut and turn against Robert. Ammut is then destroyed with KT's moon key and the Staff of Osiris together. She, however, devours Caroline's soul and goes back into the Underworld. After this, all the sinners, including the first 5, are turned back to normal, and Robert ages.


  • Ammut was the great evil KT was sent to stop.