Amber Millington
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Amber's appearances in the opening credits.
Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Birthday: Sometime in 1995
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Sibuna (Until House of Unity)
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Millington (Talked to on phone and appeared in S3)
Friends: Nina Martin

Fabian Rutter
Patricia Williamson
Mara Jaffray
Mick Campbell
Alfie Lewis
Jerome Clarke
Eddie Miller
Willow Jenks
Piper Williamson
Joy Mercer

Relationships: Alfie (Ex-Boyfriend)

Mick (Ex-Boyfriend)

Pet(s): Precious (Dalmatian)
Enemies: Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

Rufus Zeno

Other Information
Interests: Egyptian Mythology


Education: Fashion School
Talent: Ping Pong
Season(s) Appeared in: Seasons 1-3
Series Information
First Appearance: House of Secrets
Last Appearance: House of Unity
Portrayed By: Ana Mulvoy Ten
Counterparts: Amber Rozenberg

Delia Seefeld

Amber Millington is a main character of House of Anubis and main tritagonist until Season 3. She is the only girl to have left the show in the middle of a season, and is the second to leave a season in the middle a season is being aired, after Mick.


In Season 1, Amber is in a relationship with Mick but they break up. However, she is soon involved in the mystery and proves to be more than a dumb blonde. She is Nina's best friend and begins to get close to Alfie. Soon, Sibuna solves the mystery and Amber and Alfie date.

In Season 2, Amber gives Alfie a check list to see if he passes to date her. He is able to pass and Amber dates him. They go out but Amber must focus on Sibuna. However, they break up when Alfie says it. She isn't too saddened, but is still Nina's best friend. She is also cursed with the Mark of Anubis. Senkhara also hexes her so she ages a lot. However, the hex is broken and pretty soon, Senkhara is defeated.


Nina Martin-Friends/Ex-Roomates/Sibuna

Fabian Rutter-Friends/Sibuna

Alfie Lewis-Dating/Friends/Sibuna

Eddie Miller-Friends/Sibuna

KT Rush-Roomates/Friends/Sibuna

Willow Jenks-Enemies

Mick Campbell-Ex-Boyfriend/Friends

Mara Jaffray-Ex-Roomate/Friends


Amber is the one that came up with the name "Sibuna."

Amber is also one of the original founding members of Sibuna.

Amber ships Fabina, as she came up with the name.

Amber has known Patricia since they were 11.

She is currently the only non-newbie that Patricia threw a liquid at.