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Chat About HomepageEdit

Hi guys i thought we could make a user of the week tab on the homepage. Let me know what you think so we can add it.

I think that would be a great idea but we should meet every week to discuss it. This might be a little too much but I think we could also have a character of the week and an episode of the week. - Luckybrandon100

I agree with your idea- DanielViglietti

Can you have a meeting Tuesday night at 9Et, 8ct? - Luckybrandon100

I don't see any problem with a Character/Episode of the week, so it's fine by me if you would want that, but also since we're discussing about additional features, would a chat be okay? Of course we'd need a chat moderator but I'm sure we could find someone for that. ~SongofHathor

@songofhathor sure -DanielViglietti

When - Lucky

Chat about maintenanceEdit

If we need to close the wiki for site fixing feel free but just tell the other admins so we know and can come and help.